Fast Play Athletics Training Camp ($100 Reg Fee)

10 Sessions hosted by NFL Alumni

for ages 5 to 14 years

Football 101 / Football Advance Training

October 10 – 31

Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday

Training Locations

  • North Region
  • South Region
  • Central Region
  • West Region
  • East Region

Waiver application / COVID-19 application (Required)

IMPORTANT ELIGIBILITY NOTICE: All of our athletes will be required to submit routine academic behavior eligibility sheets in order to participate on game day. These forms are NOT grade checks but are instead used to encourage your young athlete to develop good academic habits. These habits include staying out of trouble, completing homework on time, paying attention in class, and others. If you have any questions regarding the NFLLU eligibility methodology, please feel free to contact your local Site Director for more information.