It is the mission of NFL Leagues United to provide proper instruction to our young student athletes at each stage of development. As such, NFLLU and its founders have developed the following learning benchmarks for each division. Every child on your team should understand these basic fundamentals by season end.

6v6JV: (at this age we dont expect the athletes to be able to perform these items on a regular basis. However, they should understand them.):
– Name each position on the field and what they do. (WRs need to be called by proper terms… X, Y, Z,…)
– Knowing the proper way to catch a football (the players dont need to be able to catch with their hands at this stage… but know the proper way it should be done)
– Proper way to lineup per position
– Proper way to receive a handoff
– Basic rules of football
– Importance of focus (breaking the huddle, getting set, watching the snap)
– Proper alignment per position (RB split stance, outside WR inside foot forward)
– QB center exchange (under center)

– All 6v6jv concepts
– Be able to catch with hands
– Introduction of working as a team and how doing YOUR job is essential for the success of the team as a whole… everyone plays a part.
– Introduction of the route tree
– Introduction of man vs zone coverage
– Introduction of shotgun snap

5v5: (at this stage, the athletes should not only understand the techniques and concepts, but be able to apply them on a regular basis. Athletes should also begin to hone in on one position)
– 6v6JV and 6v6V techniques and concepts
– Be able to get in and out of the huddle and sub within huddle
– Introduction of no huddle
– Advanced route tree development (ie top of route techniques, depth understanding,…)
– Application of zone coverage
– Introduction of press and off coverages and related techniques
– Introduction of QB reading defense

– 6v6JV, 6v6V, and 5v5 concepts
– Advanced WR techniques (clean release off press coverage, route stemming,…)
– Understanding of how to run the route tree based on coverage
– QB understanding of how to use diagnosis of pre-snap defense
– Advanced understanding of different coverages and what each position is doing within that coverage
– Stalk blocking
– Using communication on the field (ie DBs/LBs calling routes within zone “IN”)
– QB drops (3, 5, 7)

– 6v6JV, 6v6V, 5v5, and 7v7 concepts and techniques
– Understanding of offensive and defensive line positions and duties
– Line hole and gap knowledge (a, b, c,… 1, 2, 3, …)
– Offensive and defensive line techniques (ie. kick step, punch, swim, rip,…)
– Offensive and defensive alignment
– QB progressions within the pocket