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Our Mission - NFL Leagues United SD

NFLLU Development.

NFL Leagues United’s unique stair-step model was developed to provide a platform for those that want to ease into football slowly and those that are looking to improve their skills in the off-season. Each division is designed to introduce more advanced techniques and skills as our young athletes age… ultimately preparing them to step onto a high school field should they choose to do so.

Beginning at age 5, our athletes are just learning the basic fundamentals of the game and how to play as a team. Game play is the standard NFL Flag style on 25×70 yard fields (sideline to sideline). Once our kids reach 11 years old, they transition to 7v7… the same style of 7v7 that our local high schools play. It is at this division that our high school partnered coaches are most active… installing their programs, meeting our parents, and preparing them for what it will be like in their programs. Game play includes stalk blocking and a full width field (50×60 yards, 50 yardline to endzone). The league culminates in 8man where offensive and defensive lines are introduced… providing the closest experience to the tackle game in a non contact setting.

*Pictured | former Chargers Marcus McNeill and Cory Withrow

NFLLU Academics.

NFL Leagues United’s mission is to develop stronger student athletes and not just athletes. As part of this commitment, NFLLU has placed a focus on academic performance and behavior… and we do this is several ways. First, all participants must submit routine academic behavior eligibility forms during the season. It is important to understand that these forms are not solely grade checks… but are instead meant to reinforce good academic habits and in class behavior. This includes turning in homework, paying attention in class, not being disruptive, and staying out of trouble. Secondly, we have integrated academics into our game day experience. Following each touchdown, teams are provided with an option of 3 different extra points… a 1 pt, 2 pt, and 3 pt. NFLLU’s 1 point extra try is an academic question based on that weeks academic captain’s grade level. Each team must have a different academic captain each week. This allows our athletes to feel the immediate impact of being academically prepared… or unprepared.

*Pictured | former Saint & SB Champion, Lynell Hamilton

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